Why I Joined Eagles Foundation For Humanity

Lukman Sarumi

“You have been offered provisional admission to study political science”. Upon seeing this on my mobile screen I hurriedly went in search of papa just to show him my newly self accomplished victory. Political science is a good one but law is better, why didn’t you apply for law? You see if you want to be successful in life you have to be learned, you must own an educational certificate. Those were the words from my father and I took them on the left palm so as not to eat with them. Finally the weekend came and I will be leaving for school soon, a new add up routine began in my home, after the early morning prayers I was to sit on the floor while he sat on the sofa praying and repeating the words “say no to women, stay away from bad gangs, read and come out with excellent grades” A good result will get a good job, a good job gets a good pay, and a good pay gives a comfortable livelihood.
Academic excellence is what the society wants, tie, clean suit and a well polished spoken English is all you need to show to the world you’re well to do. In my quest for academic certification I became a triangular student (home, school and book). I wanted a clean record even when my predecessors never had one. Michelle Ekure is a graduate of university of Benin yet she dropped the hard earned certificate for shoe making, Bayo Omoboriowo took to photography. My contact with Eagles foundation for humanity is a blessing. after various encounters with the Muhammed Jamiu of Engineering, Bolaji Aladie of Linguistics, Jaji of Law, Ishola Kayode of Microbiology and Titilope Anifowoshe of Law, the pen speaking feature long dead in me as a result of zero attention was revived! I overcame fear in the midst of crowd, rather than keep been a participant, i was a speaker and i delivered a lecture on seeking beyond academic excellence at the Ondo stae student association, my contact with this non governmental organization has bestowed upon me the gift of making sacrifices aimed at making society and humanity a better place and finally I am not just a proud student of politics, I am an apprentice aqcuring knowledge on how to build, repair and create shoes (In other words call me a shoe maker). I am Sarumi Lukman Oluwapelumi and Eagles Foundation For Humanity is a conglomeration of youths from different parts of the world. EFFH was created out of the burning desire to nurture the spirit of selflessness and service in Nigerian youths and the zeal to educate poverty through charity, education and vocation.

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