Have you ever wondered how girls from middle class and remote communities survive during their menstrual circle in a nation where people can barely feed twoce daily?

Have you ever thought about the fate of women and girls cannot disposable pads during their menstrual period?

According to a report by the Borgen Project, Forty Million women and girls around the world cannot afford sanitary pads during menstruation.We at Eagles Foundation for Humanity are on a mission to donate Reusable Pads to 1000 girls in communities in Nigeria.

What is Reusable Pad?

Reusable pad is a type of sanitary towel that can be used for as long as three years. Reusable pad is made from cotton. It is 100% organic, eco-friendly and does not contain chemicals that can be found in disposable pads.

Reusable Pad is also known as clothes pad. It has been recommended by the World Health Organization and other reputable health organizations.

We are most excited about the fact that Reusable Pad is a sustainable solution to Period Poverty.

With this project, we are getting more girls to stay in school. We are improving the confidence of the girl-child and of course eradicating pad poverty!

Lets do this together!

With as low as eight hundred and fifty naira (N850), you can sponsor one girl.

Kindly donate at least N850 to us today via


Directly to our account

Account Number- 1150038524

Bank Name- Polaris/Skye Bank

Account Name- Eagles Foundation for Humanity

The good news is that we have raised donations to sponsor more than four hundred and fifty girls, we have five hundred and fifty girls to go

To learn more about our #FreeReusablePad project, kindly read our previous post on frequently asked questions about reusable pads , check up the image and watch the videos below :

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