Away from the world where accruing more wealth,attaining higher level of power and showcasing one’s wealth is the basic essence of life. We decided to delve away from being cosmetic social media wailers to being purpose driven impact makers.

Eagles Foundation for Humanity is a conglomeration of youths from different parts of Nigeria with the core aim of service to God and Humanity through charity and general humanitarian activities.

In October 2015, the foundation had its Maiden charity program when it reached out to 5 different communities in Kwara State living in tatterdemalion and deterioration.
Since our creation in 2015 we have been able to lighten up the lives of Nigerians , we have engaged youths from diff tertiary institutions  in motivational talks
FARADAY 3014, we have granted financial aids to indigent students and we have helped 20 indigent kwara youths secure employment in the private sector .

Its 2016, we are bigger, better and legally recognized. Our passion to serve God and Humanity is undautoday
and stronger! Once again we are on a sojourn to touch 6 communities who are in need of basic amenities, we know not our final destination, we possess not millions in our savings, we know not the high mighty, we know not their kiths and kins but we believe strongly in our ambition and aspiration to lighten up lives when darkness overtakes the world.IMG-20160813-WA0022

Of course, the tatterdemalion state of the road is a big bane to that requires us to consume dosage of analgesic. The living standard of the habitants of these communities (kuwo, omilende, alalubosa, ote-tile etc)is sardonic and disheartening. Our interaction with the heads of these communities left our mouth agape in dismay and pang.
We are yet to be income earners, but with strong ardor, fervor and passion we are convinced that selfless effort, compassion and judicious exploitation of the socialmedia in view of advocacy for charity and humanity are source of wealth (greater than individual wealth) that can rekindle and help meet the needs of our beneficiary communities.

TOUCH A LIFE TODAY is our way of reaching habitants of remote communities in northern and western Nigeria by gathering foodstuffs, clothes and footwears (new or old), books and stationeries, mosquito nets and other relief materials.
“We feel that what we are doing is  just a drop in the ocean but the ocean itself will be less without that that missing drop”

“One small donation : One big Touch, uncountable smiles!
#What are you doing for humanity?
#touch a life today

Director of Media and Publicity
Tijani Faraday

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