What Eagle’s Foundation For Humanity is All About: A conversations Between Legend_of_Language and Some Selected Celebrities.


Paul Pogba: Guy, can I know what #EFFH and #TLT is all about? You’ve been disturbing me with those hash tags in all your recent posts and messages to me.
Legend: “EFFH” is an abbreviation of Eagle’s Foundation For Humanity which is an NGO established about a year now by some bright-mind youths from different walks of life with sole aim of serving God and Humanity while “TLT” stands for Touch life today which is their upcoming humanity project aimed at putting smiles on the faces of inhabitants of some selected indigent communities with relief materials donations.

Usein Bolt: I hope you guys are not scammers or into politics?

Legend: EFFH is fully registered under appropriate laws and reiterating it, we are apolitical in our dealings.

Mark Zuckerberg: How do you get your funds? I mean who are your sponsors?
Legend: We have no affiliation with any individual or organizations meaning that we finance our projects through our little earned resources and supports from kindhearted Nigerians. We believe we don’t need to be enormously rich before we can touch the lives of the needy.

Olamide Badoo: Who you don EPP? Well, through our maiden program tagged ”Harmony for Humanity”, we donated relief materials such as ; foods, clothes, shoes, books, drugs, toiletries and many other useful items worth #1.5M to five communities in Kwara. These communities are: Budo Aare, Shaaki, Igbo Nla, Yeregi and Omilende. Then after, through our partnership with one small scale enterprises, we secured reasonable paid employment for 20 peoples from these communities. We have also paid tuition fees of some indigent students to name but a few.

Funke Akindele: Any other things?
Legend: We’ve had opportunities to be keynote speakers on self development, motivational and career talks in some tertiary institutions which include: Kwasu (Malete), Lasu, Unilorin among others. We do also engage in community development projects like sanitation, traffic control, sensitization on any useful information and free blood donations.



Joke Silva: What and when is your next project?
Legend: By God grace, our next project is tagged “TLT: ‘Touch a life today’. It’s a replica of Harmony for humanity and we are going to source for useful items which will be donated to people of Alalubosa, Kuho, Omilende (again) and other two communities. This program is slated for October this year.




Belinda Gate: You guys are doing great and fantastically, how can we reach you to give our support to your cause?
Legend: For Donations and enquiries, PLEASE CALL ?
*LegalEagle- 08139578850*
*Muh’d Jamiu- 08179131207*
*Faraday- 07036676657*
OR you drop your donations into
Account number *1150038524 –

Account  name*Eagles Foundation for humanity*
*Skye Bank*


Tijani Faraday: Director of Media and Publicity.

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