Tears of joy,
For a new baby is born,
OMILENDE Is plus one,
As they welcome the Messiah.

Ayo (Joy) he was named,
A name bestowed him as it rained.
A season of ease and joy,
As characterised with rainy seasons in omilende.

Like every good parent,
The best was intended for Joy,
The best of “one”,A primary school,
With 3 Classrooms Serving 5 communities.

They anticipated his first day in school,
And how much they would save,
To buy him a bicycle,
As the school was forty minutes away.

They anticipated Joy as a source of joy,
That which would put Omilende on the map.
Fulfill the twenty-eight years of failed government promises,
To install functioning boreholes for good water.

Months passed,
And Joy could Now differentiate breast milk from pap.
The rainy season came to an end,
So as manageable water.

Like the Olumo,
Omilende is a community of rocks.
For it takes extra to get to water,
So they drink from the stream they bath.

Few weeks after the rain,
Joy fell ill.
They ran up and down to get him treated,
But there is no clinic within reach.

They all couldn’t sleep,
As another Candle went out.
they wept and cried but it couldn’t,
Bring back Joy nor stop typhoid the cause of his death.

Water is life.
Water is death.
Help save lives.
Help provide clean water for the people of Omilende.

Account Details
1150038524 – Eagles Foundation for Humanity – Skye Bank

By:Sanusi Sodiq
A. K. A. Grand_SAS

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