Report for Touch A Life Today Charity Outreach 2016

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The Eagles’ foundation for humanity, a non-governmental organization is fast becoming a household name to the people of Kwara State and beyond as the foundation has succeeded in not only reaching out to about 10 remote communities in the state but has impacted into the lives of secondary school students, undergraduates and youths in lagos and Kwara state . Below are various activities of the foundation that has got all heads nodding in approval of her activities?

  1. Touch a Life Today.
  2. Provision of Employment Opportunities for 15 indigent Kwara youths.
  3. Donation of text books to some selected secondary schools.

4.Vocational Training

5.Motivational Talks

6.Harmony for Humanity




Touch a Life Today:

The hash tag #TouchALifeToday went viral following the announcement of the foundation to embark on the program wherein the foundation distributes relief materials, stationeries, food stuff inter alia to the selected communities in kwara State.  Touch a life today is the second edition of the Harmony for Humanity which was the foundation’s maiden program the previous year and it recorded a massive turnout from resident and non-residents of Kwara State.

The communities visited for this program are:

✓   Kuwo

✓   Alalubosa

✓   Omilende and

✓   Ajooko Oja

Following proper deliberations by the members of the foundation and consideration of the financial status of the foundation as at that time, the scheduled date for this visitation was 17th of October and 18th of October and the General meeting/Get-together held on the 20th of October.


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