It has always been my wish to travel to new places especially villages. So, when a member of the Eagles Foundation For Humanity invited me to join the team on their visit to Omilende, it was a yes or yes for me. Omilende is a remote village in Moro local government in Kwara state.

Thanni and Titilope

As we took, I was eagerly anticipating the new experience. The road that lead to the village was bad. At some point, I feared the bus would trip off. As we got closer to the village, we came to a small river. The bus drove through the river, from my seat, I saw children having their bath and waving at us and some women washing clothes. The expression on their faces showed that they were happy to see us.

The bus came to a halt and we all got down. I began to look around, feasting on the sight of the village. A good observer will notice two things at a glance: Bad road and No electricity. I love this place but I can’t live here I said to my self.

The hospitality of the people of Omilende was exceptional. We were welcomed with open arms and warm embrace. The foundation had come there to assit the community to get clean and safe water by erecting a borehole machine.

During the course of the discussion with the villagers, I discovered that the river we had crossed on our way to the village was their source of water. You say? That dirty water? Drink, wash, bath and cook with the same water that vehicles pass through? OMG!

In the olden days, this was a norm. People would go to the stream to fetch water to drink and cook, take their bath and do their laundry in the same stream. However, this is the 21st century. I couldn’t believe we still have villages without potable water.

The villagers narrated their ordeal and the challenges they had faced concerning water. There have been several attempts to get them clean water by the government which has proved abortive. We were shown about 7 half dugged wells with no water and a manual borehole machine that gives less than 10 buckets of water in the raining season. To make it worse, the water that came out of it was as dirty as the water in the river.

EFFH with the children of Omilende

Omilende has dilapidated buildings called a school. It took about 45mins walk to get to the school. A small room housed about 3 classes. No chairs, No tables. It is quite disheartening.

According to the villagers, there are about 250 people living in Omilende. The challenge of not having clean and safe water is not the only challenge but it is top of their priorities.

Dear Nigerians and people of Kwara state! I did not just write this to just share my experience, I wrote it to also seek for help on behalf of the people of Omilende. I appreciated the life I’m living more and saw the need to be more thankful rather than complaining about that which I do not have. I realized that some people are in poorer conditions than I am. The people of Omilende are good people and they deserve a good life too. The government has abandoned them and they have to cater for themselves. In our own little way, we can contribute to humanity by helping Omilende get good, clean and potable water.

Nothing is too small. You can support the effort of getting them clean and safe water. 1150038524 SKYE Bank Eagles foundation for humanity

Thank you!

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  1. Muibudeen Abdullateef

    the state if the community is so disheartening, we can’t make it perfect, it was never our place to. but we can in togetherness make it liveable, join our cause #savewaterfortheworld

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