I had seen it in the TV and heard people talk about it – how it was like to live close to the capital of a state, yet, very far from the state; in the aspect of amenities and access to good life and living.

Out of the zeal of wanting to serve humanity, the love of travelling somewhere away from home with loved ones and the curiosity of how the people of Omilende actually survive, I, together with other members of Eagles Foundation for Humanity, embarked on a visit to Omilende community in Moro local government area of Kwara State.
After about an hour (yes, just one hour from the state capital) of travelling, we got to our destination. The people of Omilende were happy to see new and familiar faces, as the foundation sometimes the previous year and the year before that, had visited the community to donate relief materials.

It was time for business and members of the foundation, led by some elders and youths of the community, got to the unfinished water projects (several wells and a borehole ). The wells were partially dug and they were as deep as the thoughts of a foolish man.
The borehole we were taken to, we were told, only functions during the raining season and provides just 10 buckets of a chocolate coloured beverage drink (water).

We left the well/borehole and went to their main source of water. It was there my breaking heart shattered. The same ‘stream’ our bus passed through, was the same source of water they drink from, bathe from, wash from and cook with.
The children of Omilende, there, were happy to show us their swimming skills as they dived in the stream and posed for pictures.
We found out that children of 13 years couldn’t read the national anthem well.
Their school was about 30 minutes walk to their community, with just 2 classes in the whole school; meaning, they have as many as 3 classes use a classroom. They share the school with four other communities. Maybe they have an excuse for not being able to sing the anthem.
My heart shattered with time, as every hour passed, it found more reasons to do so. We took pictures and made videos, as we prepared to show the world the state of things in Omilende.
We had to rest after about an hour of walking to the school and back, and during that time, we were served boiled yam and roasted corn, of course with water – water that we couldn’t drink!
Imagine 250 nice and hospitable people of Omilende community in Moro local government of K

EFFH with the children of Omilende

wara State having no access to water, as fundamental as it is to their existence and survival?
7 unfinished water projects and a lot of broken promises.
How about changing the whole story and doing your part in making the people of Omilende smile genuinely?
It’s possible as with just #600,000, about $1800, Omilende can have access to safe water.
You can support the mission by donating in either cash or kind.
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