Letter from the CEO

“No doubt, unity is something to be desired, to be striven for, but it cannot be willed by mere declarations”

—-Theodore Bikel


Without a kobo we dreamt,

with our dream we flew

Our flight changed lives

Our aspirations illuminated lives..


#Harmony4Humanity was a breakthrough

our various motivational talks have been #impactful

#TouchALifeToday was fruitful

#SafeWater4DWorld is what’s up..

Are we scared ? ?

Indeed, we have devised different means to generate funding

But our efforts seem stillborn so far…

?Stillborn to the extent that it has deterred some of us from interacting here? ..

?Abortive to the extent that our ticket sales has become an enigma?

It all seem as if the game plan for #SafeWater4DWorld is a futile one …


?I have always been a strong believer of our moxie for the ideals of Eagles Foundation for Humanity..

I have doubted the letters of Joseph Campbell , but the success  of EFFH is a manifestation of his saying that “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”

I verily believe in the uncountable milestones we can conquer with our undaunted passion and efforts..

Indeed, we are in a world where money rules virtually everything. However, it should be noted that being a part of EFFH is “BEYOND THE MONEY YOU CONTRIBUTE” .You all can attest to the fact that it has never been about the cash you contribute (cos our expenses is far beyond our heads..its been God’s glory) , it’s been about your intellectual contributions, your presence, your love , your passion.

Of course we have several other affairs asides EFFH , but you should make your input and contributions when you can. I consider it unfair when some of us leave the affairs of Effh to the hands of very few of us without reasonable justifications.


At this point we seriously need to be extremely careful NOT TO BANK ON OUR PAST GLORY, it’s not a bad idea to be prod of our achievements but we seriously need to work hard to surpass our lofty heights.


In truth, service to God and Humanity is one of the most honorable service on earth, indeed it’s the most tedious work as well.



As for me, Service to God and Humanity is a religion that I am obliged to follow fanatically, by heart. Whether or not I have millions in my account, My passion and zeal will push me to radiate the lives of persons.


Please be informed that #SafeWater4DWorld is still on and we are gonna execute the project in 2017 inshaAllah. The tickets in your possession should be remitted as soon as you can. I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO GIVE A DEADLINE BECAUSE I WANT TO BELIEVE THAT THE ECONOMIC SITUATION OF OUR NATION IS DISRUPTING THE INFLOW OF DONATIONS


*Anifowoshe Titilope*


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