Do you know that Omilende is a community of 250 inhabitants in Moro Local Government Area of Kwara State. And for 28years they had no access to safe and clean water?

Do you even know that there are communities with worse cases?
Well my journey to Omilende was through EFFH(EAGLES FOUNDATION FOR HUMANITY)….Trust me Omilende made me believe in the saying that “BE GRATEFUL NO MATTER WHAT “like these are people with BAD ROADS, NO ELECTRICITY, LITTLE OR NO INCOME AT ALL,NO NETWORK CONNECTION… infact NO WATER SUPPLY…..like how have they been coping… OK
So EFFH(EAGLES FOUNDATION FOR HUMANITY) discovered Omilende in 2015….And since EFFH is only trying her best to make these people happy
We had to put Omilende safe water project on budget
So the fundraising for Omilende safe water project started in 2017 Sept to be precise…The first donation we received was 5k out of #700,000 budget for borehole construction … Well Thanks to Allah for making it a huge success.Thanks to THE CEO OF EFFH,The members(home&away) and of course our donors and stakeholders….. Surely It wont have happen if not for ALLAH AND YOU
Allow me state that,I have been a member of EFFH since 2015 but my first physical appearance was at Omilende Borehole launching…I met the CEO for the first time and trust me I am convinced that EFFH is a family..Well I’m happy,I’m family…I’m happy I’m part of Omilende safe water project.Now Omilende now have access to Safe and Clean Water.To be a part of the family contact @eaglesffh…You can also donate, materials to us(used or new)Remember nothing is small… #IwaspartofOmilende #safewaterforOmilende #MyjourneytoOmilende

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