Frequently Asked Questions



Here are the Frequently asked questions and Answers about us and our operations.


What is Effh Really about ?
Eagles Foundation For Humanity is a conglomeration of youths from different parts of the world. EFFH was created out of the burning desire to nurture the spirit of selflessness and service in Nigerian youths and the zeal to educate poverty through charity, education and vocation.

Is it limited to youths?
Volunteers and members of EFFH are youths, but the beneficiaries of the activities of EFFH are men, women and children of all ages .

What does it take to be a member?
The zeal and ardor (in a young person )to serve God and Humanity is the major requirement of being a member of EFFH

Do you accept membership from other countries
Yes, members of EFFH can be resident in any part of the world.

Where do you get fundings from?
Donation from compassionate Nigerians.

How do you create Authorities or excos?
The constitution of Eagles Foundation For Humanity is binding on all persons , and creation of authorities within the NGO

Is EFFh registered?
Eagles Foundation For Humanity is registered with all appropriate authorities such as the Corporate Affairs Commission, Special Control Unit against Money Laundering etc.
We are registered with the id CAC/IT/NO 89639