Reusable Sanitary Pad project: All you need to know

Here are frequently asked questions about our upcoming 2018 project which aims to tackle the very poor access to sanitary pads by females in the country.


Eagles Foundation For Humanity

2018 Free Reusable Sanitary Pad project




  • What is EFFH? 

EFFH (Eagles Foundation For Humanity) is a Non Governmental Organisation comprising majorly of Nigerian youths, who have decided to dedicate a portion of their time and resources to serve humanity. Since 2015.


  • What is the Free Reusable Sanitary Pad project?


#ReusablePadsFromEFFH or #FreePadsFromEFFH is a capital project to be carried out by the organisation before the end of the year. The initiative is to produce and distribute free REUSABLE sanitary pads to female students in rural communities. EFFH carries out at least one capital project every year.


  • Why this project?


A report by the World Poverty Clock shows Nigeria has as the country with the most extreme poor people in the world – with almost 87 million living in abject poverty. These people can’t afford very basic necessities which include sanitary pads. They resort to unhealthy options which comes with grave consequences.


  • Why reusable sanitary pads?


The prices of sanitary pads either remain or keep going high, hence keeps it from the reach of the extremely poor, who are the majority. Reusable pads are a better and a more sustainable option as users get more value for their money. Reusable pads can be washed and reused.


  • How hygienic are reusable pads?


Reusable pads are as hygienic as disposable ones. All needed is to wash after use.


  • Who are we distributing these sanitary pads to?


Modalities are still being set, but our targets are mostly schoolgirls in rural communities in Nigeria.


  • How many sanitary pads would we be distributing?


While we have a baseline, this project would accommodate as much sanitary pads as our resources can produce.


  • How can you join us?


We’re always happy to work with more and more people eager to serve humanity. Hence, our application page is always open for you to register to join us at Eagles Foundation For Humanity.



  • How to contact us?


Please feel free to shoot us an email for any enquiries, partnerships proposal, support and so on.

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