Eagles Foundation for Humanity Launches #SAFEWATER FOR THE WORLD PROJECT

The #safewater4dworld is #EaglesFoundationfh involvement in the construction of 3 #borehole #watersupply for three communities in #Kwara #Nigeria .

In our humanitarian visits to  communities in Kwara, we realized that providing them foodstuff, clothing and other relief materials were not just enough. Our team discovered that there are whole lot of capital projects needed in these communities, many of them do not have -#schools , very few have good #road networks and most of them do not have access to portable #water .


The amount of fresh #water on the planet has been fairly constant overtime – continually recycled through the atmosphere and back into our cups – the population has exploded. This means that every year, the competition for clean, copious supply of water for drinking and other domestic uses and

sustaining life intensifies. Efforts MUST  be put in place to make people have access to water.
Before we visited these communities, water scarcity have always been an abstract concept to us as it have been a stark reality for people in Omilende,Igbonla and Alalubosa and many more scarcity-hit communities across the globe. It is the result of myriad environmental, political, economic and social forces.


The budget is *N2,635,000*. No amount is too small @skyebank account number:  1150038524*

*Account name: Eagles Foundation for humanity*


You can contact:


Legal eagle: +2348139578850

Jaji  +2348038302031

Muhd Jamiu – +2348179131207

Faraday: +2347036676657

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