10 days to Harmony for Humanity : I learned to give


When I see the innocent kids on the busy street begging for survival.

I see the downtrodden in dismay and struggling situation and I cant help but feel weak and sad, then I began to thank God for whatever I had no matter how minute.The little I give out to the helpless and those in need does a great deal as long as it brings smile and hope to the life of these people.I strive to make a change by giving back to the society in my own little way and I LEARNED TO GIVE,NOT BECAUSE I HAVE MUCH BUT I KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HAVE NOTHING.The hand that give is blessed than the one that take.There is no positive reward for selfishness and all the gold and glamour can vanish in a twinkle of an eye,then why not make a good use of it my putting a smile in someone’s face today,which shall earn you blessings in the hereafter.Don’t give for attention or worthy gain but give from your heart to whoever comes your way for help no matter how little,LEARN TO GIVE.

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